Have you tried Storify yet?

In case you’ve not heard of it already Storify (https://storify.com/) is a website where you can create your own story of an event or meeting through social media updates. Recently, following our AGM at work, I thought I would give it a go to see how user friendly/idiot proof it was to use.

It turns out it is incredibly easy to use. You can search for a twitter handle, specific hash tag or user names in applications such as Facebook and Tumblr. You then have the option of which social media posts you use and in what order. Storify uses a drag and drop system so it couldn’t be easier to tell your story. Here is my version of our AGM: http://storify.com/HRODE_SSSFT/south-staffordshire-and-shropshire-agm-2013

When we come to use it for the leadership conference in November we should have a lot more people engaging via Twitter so it will be great to not only capture the feedback from the day but get other people’s opinions on the content.

Establishing the DMI Brand

In June of this year I started a new job at South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (quite a mouthful!) as part of my role I have created a brand for some physical intervention training we run called DMI. Below is some of the banner stand artwork for DMI at the moment we are dual branding using the Trust logo as well but that may well change as the DMI brand becomes more well established.

DMI Banner stands


Spice up your award submissions

Infographics are now widely used in the media and commercial world to visually communicate data but have you considered using an infographic to support an award nomination? You are usually restricted to a certain number of words and a few images but with an infographic you can pack a lot of information into a small space and save words for your aspirational content rather than stats.

Below is an infographic I produced for a recent award entry. The original submission I was supplied with contained very little evidence and was un-focused so the process of producing the infographic actually helped improve the content as well as allowing me to design something pretty!